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Bishop Courtney Henry

Bishop Courtney Henry is a proud spiritual son of Apostle Huie L. Rogers, the Pastor of the Greater Bibleway Temple, Brooklyn, New York and the Presiding Bishop of the Bible Way Church of our Lord Jesus Christ World-Wide. Under his pastor’s tutelage, he developed his ministry and proved himself to be a faithful and able associate minister.


Bishop Henry is a dynamic and informative preacher, and a profound teacher. His goal is to preach and teach the word in such a manner that allows the recipients to apply the principles to their lives and see God's power have an impact on their lives: to convey the anointed word that brings about liberation for the total person.


In particular, God has given him a keen insight into family relationships. As a result, he has established the Family Life Ministry as part Bibleway Truth Temple’s ongoing ministry and has organized several Family Life Conferences to help build strong families. He is a family man.  He is married to Lady Margaret Henry since 1983. The couple is blessed to have two wonderful adult children. He is a faithful member of the Bible Way Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ World-Wide, Inc, serving in both administrative and ecclesiastical offices. He has served as General Recording Secretary, General Internal Auditor, and he now serves in the office of General Secretary.


In recognition of his service to the Lord, and the International church, Pastor Henry was elected to the office of Bishop and was consecrated in July of 2007. He currently serves as the Assistant Diocesan of the Arch Diocese of New Jersey and was recently appointed to the post of Diocesan Bishop of the United Kingdom. He is the proud Pastor and founder of Bibleway Truth Temple in Blackwood, New Jersey.


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